Hi there, my name is Max and I`m the founder (and head of SEO Outreach) of Akita Digital!

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Akita Digital is the SEO agency that takes a relevance-first approach to white hat link building.

  • We have strong expertise in different kinds of everyday service niche and are able to boost local SEO for your small family business.
  • For big companies and brands, we provide an expert linking strategy from start to finish with 24/7 support.
  • Marketing agencies trust us to build backlinks to their clients’ websites.

Link building is significantly important for any successful SEO strategy. Many marketers fail to enhance quality backlinks and execute a detailed link building plan due to a lack of time and expertise in particular niches.

We are experts at building links. From the very beginning, we put in the time and effort to build the most effective links in your niche. We support our clients throughout the course of the link building campaign.


Get your website ranked top in Google with Akita Digital


What do we offer?

  • Boost your local lead generation
  • Improve your local rankings in Google
  • Make sure your content gets seen


Who are we?

  • SEO professionals with experience in multinational companies (Google, Facebook, Mars, IKEA, Leroy Merlin)
  • Guys who already know your niche well and understand clearly how your potential clients could find you on the web and how to convert them into real clients
  • Marketers who permanently keep track of SEO trends and implement a data-driven approach

We guarantee an outstanding online result you would be proud of.

We always keep track of the latest updates and new SEO tools.

We always ensure that campaigns get more targeted and more effective.