High-stakes SEO: when it’s got to be right

Advance Systems is Ireland’s leader in employee management technology. The Mitrefinch on-premise and cloud-based time and attendance solution have earned us accolades from organisations of all industries and sizes.

The brief

Operating in the US & Irish markets the challenge to increase the flow of leads in one of the toughest niches: B2B software focusing only on organic search.

What we did

We started by assessing local market influencers in HR, Software, Business and Tech. We then developed 2 different content plans for each of the following markets: Ireland & USA. blogs, websites. While conducting our research we noticed a lack in a comprehensive guide on HR software online to educate businesses about the different integration solutions that are available and the benefits they could offer after implementation. One of the things we decided to do is to write a mega guide and place it as a downloadable ebook on the client’s website. We then proceeded to promote it to HR & business influencers which resulted in massive brand mentions and links to our client’s website.


246% increase in traffic since starting white hat link building in 2016
34% increase in monthly leads. Average sale from one lead: 87,245
Tons of relevant backlinks from high traffic websites, media sites and blogs
The company is expanding rapidly with SEO being one of the primary
sources of leads

Akita Digital is a real deal if you need to generate leads for your business online. No matter if its a local business or a multimillion dollar brand, Max is always on top of all industry updates, trends and best practices.