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Log House Ireland


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The Client

Loghouse was first established in Ireland in 2007. They have built over 2000 log houses and cabins across Ireland and now offer fully bespoke or customised log cabins as a part of a larger Log Cabin Group supplying over 20 countries in the EU.

The Challenge

Loghouse decided to place emphasis on SEO as it’s main marketing and lead generation channel. They wanted to dominate and take number 1 search spots for all of their main keywords across Ireland.

The Solution

We decided to focus on guest posts and editorial links. We gathered prospects in Ireland & UK in the following industries: construction, interior design, green living, and architecture. We hired writers who are experts in those particular industries to produce expert content that we used as guest posts.

The Results

  1. Tripled traffic and sales from organic.
  2. From 13,364 monthly visits to 28,727 per Google analytics in less than 2 years.
  3. Grew and became the leading log house company in Ireland.

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