Local Media Outreach: Insider Tips for Submitting Press Releases

Submitting a press release to local media involves several key steps. Firstly, ensure your press release is newsworthy and relevant to the local audience. Research local media outlets to identify the ones that align with your target audience. Obtain contact information for the relevant editors or journalists. Craft a compelling subject line and email pitch […]

PR and SEO: Maximizing Brand Visibility & Data-Driven Insights

Did you know that 61% of marketers believe that combining PR and SEO is crucial for a successful marketing strategy? When these two powerful tools join forces, magic happens. Public Relations (PR) enhances brand credibility and reputation, while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosts online visibility and organic traffic. By integrating PR publication placements with SEO […]

Decoding Press Release Costs: Insights and Pricing Analysis

Press release costs vary depending on factors such as distribution method, length, and additional services. Basic distribution through online platforms can range from $100 to $500, while comprehensive packages with targeted media outreach may cost $500 to $2000 or more. Additional expenses may include writing and editing fees, which typically range from $200 to $500 […]

Mastering the Art of Press Release Referencing: Expert Guide

Did you know that 44% of press releases never get referenced by the media? To reference a press release, follow the APA style guidelines. Use the issuing organization as the author, followed by the publication date in parentheses. Include the title of the press release in sentence case, followed by “Press Release” in square brackets. […]

Earned Media Value Basics: Calculating EMV & More

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, understanding the value of earned media, customer experience, products, and business is crucial. Earned media value represents the worth of publicity gained through organic efforts rather than paid advertising. This form of exposure can significantly boost brand credibility and reach, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to […]

How to Get Featured in Forbes: Insider Tips & Strategies

Dreaming of seeing your name in lights on a Forbes article? Getting featured in Forbes can skyrocket your credibility and visibility. But how do you make it happen? From crafting compelling pitches to networking with the right people and utilizing email outreach strategy, we’ll uncover the strategies that can turn your aspiration into reality. Stay […]