If you are into the traveling, fitness, business or health niche, this method is the perfect match for you. Potential webmasters can receive awesome evergreen content with this option as well.


We recycle evergreen content and transform it into something greatly improved or completely new.



Steal their best links

Just when you thought the traditional link building method of checking out what the competition was doing to steal their links was popular, you realize this strategy has major drawbacks. There are 2 major drawbacks  of using links from your competitors:

  • For starters, you will only get a small portion of people that will link to you.
  • And you may find out your competitors had no clue what they were doing, so the link was no good.

Don’t worry… The Shotgun Skyscraper (Competitor Link Building) saves the day!

And here is what we would do in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: We go out there and get articles with good content that have a lot of links pointing to them.
  • Step 2: We evaluate the articles and remove the ones that are frauds, low-value links and spammy.
  • Step 3: Those that are worth having are the ones we will contact using our killer pitch template.
  • Step 4: From there, we negotiate the links and handle the replies that come in.


What`s the best kind of content to have for competitor link building?

To get the most out of the total of links you get, you need to make sure the content involved is high-quality content people will want to read.

People need to see something that will make them want to go back to your content and add your link to their website.

Check out these examples of how that works… 


Real World Example 1: Copyright Guide

Copyright laws are always being updated to include protection for new ways to create written material.  You need to have a guide that is comprehensive and very detailed to cover all types of situations that copyright issues may arise.

That way, we were able to build some awesome links to help one of our business clients (like DR/DA 50+ links).


Real World Example 2: Iran Travel Guide (2018 Updated)

This content (see the case study here) was promoted via our business partner – Linkshero.

We felt like travel guides (especially to countries like this) will need to be kept up with the latest information concerning any changes in laws. Also, people may want to be aware of the socio-political climate of the area.

Things like visa requirements and other information always need updating. So, we do that when we update our other guides.

We pitched this approach and the guide got enough links to make it to page one of the GDN.


Here is What We Offer



…And get your bonuses

  • Bonus 1:  Link Negotiations
  • Bonus 2: 10% Discount


Link Expectations

Despite all the variables, the outreach rate will be between 1 – 6%, and the average outreach rate is 2%. 

That translates to 1 to 6 links per 100 resource pages that you will get (with 2 being the average).  


And now what?

The process is simple to get on your way to successful links if you let us go to work for you:

    • Step 1: Content Assessment. We evaluate all your content to ensure its worthy of competitor link building. That way, you are guaranteed a decent ROI, and it will minimize financial loss.
    • Step 2: Order Processing. All payments will be invoiced.
    • Step 3: Prospecting. This is where we find the pages we can get links from and locate the contact information.
    • Step 4: Inspecting. Each lead is manually checked to make sure there is no fraudulent or spammy material present.
    • Step 5: Personalization. We create personal emails maximize your chances of getting links.
    • Step 6: Reply Management. We take care of all the particulars concerning email responses, and we will forward messages you need to handle personally (like business opportunities).
    • Step 7: Link Negotiations. We put our expertise to work in negotiating goodliness for you.

P.S. All you have to do to keep track of what’s going on with your new links is check out the reporting sheet we have set up in your online account portal. This sheet is available 24/7.



Why charge that much?

Actually, our fees are based on a 2% conversion rate.

So, we Expect to get no more than 4 links per 200 leads.

We know these numbers can fluctuate at times, so we promised to make sure we give you above and beyond what we have promised is the average per lead and conversion rate. We can also do a “pay per link” option if that’s what you prefer.

Think of it this way.  If we charged by the hour for the Resources 200 package, you would pay at least $1300—maybe more.


How long does the campaign take to run?

Work often starts as soon as payment is received.  Completion time will depend upon how many active clients we have and how well we communicate to get things done.

We always allocate 7 days to complete the process of preparing leads and doing outreach.

Every 3 days, 2 follow-ups will be sent out (which means we will allocate at least 7 more days towards getting your work done).

After that, link maintenance takes place:  link negotiations and reply management. This is where cooperation in communication is important.

Therefore, expect the process to do the entire campaign to run at least 21 business days, and expect the negotiation portion of the process to take the most time.

For example, one time it took us 45 days to get the links in place because things kept coming that took away time to come to an agreement.


What are the websites that might link to me?

Websites that link to you will be within your niche, and sometimes websites from closely related niches will be linked to you successfully.

All links will be genuine because we are dedicated to finding links with the best ROI.


How many links will I get?

As we said earlier, our conversion rate is between 1% and 6%, and you get between 1 to 6 links per 100 resource pages (with 2 as the average).

We do the result-based option.  We can’t promise guaranteed results, but we will strive to maximize the experience.  That’s why we invest so much time in evaluating the content.  We make sure our efforts will yield positive results and a great ROI.


What is “manual personalization”?

We make sure every lead has identifiable information:

  • Contact name (if available)
  • Exact URL of the resource page
  • Contact’s email address

Manual personalization allows us to maximize our experience of getting a lot of successful links, so our clients get their money’s worth.


What “3 email attempts for each”?

Since most links come from follow-ups it becomes important to politely remind people.  

To maintain courtesy while reminding people, we do 3 email attempts per lead. We make sure the content of each email is relevant and personalized to establish a positive rapport with the recipient:

  • Initial email
  • Follow-up #1
  • Follow-up #2

Our goal is to get as many resource links we can with each campaign.


Do you guarantee a certain DR/DA?

We personally can’t guarantee a certain DR/DA, but we have a service that provides the capability.

The service allows us to many multiple DR/Das. Check out this sample:

Our first link to go live was a DR7, and our largest one was 51! Impressive, isn’t it?

Remember, these results are normal because you need more than 40 links to your website to not look suspicious. 

 What are you promising when you say, “No PBNs or other spam/scam” and “No web 2.0s”?

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) uses spam to rank sites, and it’s frowned upon in the world of Google.

Anybody can have access to web 2.0 sites (for example, links from sites like Livejournal, Blogspot, etc.).

What these two techniques have in common is deception. The goal of these techniques use manipulation and are more concerned with fooling Google’s algorithm instead of offering something useful.

P.S. We offer authentic services, but you must make the first move.