Link Roundups rely on evergreen content just like Resource Pages.

A common characteristic of Link Roundups is the time-sensitivity of the content. You may see links that are:

• Weekly (e.g. Sunday’s recap of the past week’s news Link Roundup)
• Monthly (e.g. October Link Roundup)
• Yearly (e.g. Best Project Management Software in 2018-2019)

Pushing Your Awesome Articles to Link Roundups

Now as a blogger or a writer, what you really want, asides from having an interesting topic to write about, is to have people view and promote your posts. Writing an article is usually not a problem for most writers, the promotion is where the problem lies and that’s where link roundups come in.


What is Link Roundups?

Link roundups is a dream come true for any online builder like writers. Link roundups are  basically daily or weekly curating of your most interesting and creative contents or articles. If your link is good enough and eventually gets in a roundup, you get more traffic on your site.

Before link roundups, writers like bloggers used to add an external link of their fellow blogger’s post in their recent posts to help create traffic for the piece of content, but gone are those days. With the advancement of technology and the birth of twitter, people would rather tweet an article than link to it.

Why get featured on Link Roundups?

Getting a feature on link roundups is pretty awesome because, you can get a lot of new visitors to your site, hence increasing the traffic in your site. Also, you automatically get backlinks to your sites and that’s good for SEO.


How do you get your article featured on Link Roundups?

  1. Write an outstanding piece of article

To get your work on link roundups, it has to be pretty amazing and mind-blowing. The main purpose of link roundups is to feature the best contents out there, contents that matter and contents that people can relate to.

Your article sells more when people can relate to it. To have an outstanding content, a lot of work is required. You have to put a lot of effort into the article, the article isn’t just a random article. It helps to seek advices from influencers. Reach out to influencers and listen to the advice they give, then it’s left to you to repackage the advices in an understandable, easy format that anyone can relate to.

Putting the maximum time and effort into your article makes other bloggers want to feature yours in their various blogs.

Your article doesn’t have to be so long or extra, remember there is a type of beauty in simplicity.

  1. Let your fellow bloggers know about it

Bloggers won’t give your articles features on their blogs or share it around with other people if they don’t know the article exists. Because, how can you share or promote what you’ve never seen before?

It’s good to let your fellow bloggers know when you are about to drop a new article. Once in a while, it’s good to ask other bloggers for their opinions and their contributions to your article before you start it so that when the job is done, there won’t be a problem sharing it. And besides, the bloggers would sure be expecting it.

Here are some effective ways one can get the support of other bloggers to help share their articles and posts:

  • It helps to mention the bloggers in your article with links to their posts and articles. This helps their traffic also.
  • Write a mind-blowing post that people will have no other option but to love and share.
  • It helps to tweet your articles to the various bloggers especially if they have tweeted an article similar to yours before.
  • Send them a personal email, soliciting for their contribution. This method isn’t so effective anyway, because most of the times, you get no reply.


How do you find bloggers that publish and use Link Roundups?

The easiest way to find articles on link roundup is the Google search engine if you know how to use the advanced search operators.

For new bloggers who don’t really have a clue, you could start by using these easy keywords:

  • Intitle:roundup + your major keyword
  • “link roundup” + your major keyword
  • Intitle:roundup + your major keyword

Those are the major search words for link roundups, but some others that are quite helpful are:
a weekly roundup, best of the web, top posts, monthly roundup.



Find blogger personal email address

Having his or her name and personal email allows us to send highly personalized outreach emails, pushing up response rate significantly.

We use a few methods to find an email address:

    • Check his or her “about” or “contact” page
  • Run the info through
  • Find him or her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.



How do you get bloggers to feature your articles without really asking them to do so?

Link roundups is not the only place your article can get a feature. You don’t necessarily have to put up your links on link roundups to get a lot of traffic.

Sometimes, you can get featured in a regular post by another blogger and get as much traffic. Getting featured by other bloggers is a lot less intense than link roundups because on link roundups, there a so many other articles written by so many other people. Each article, more awesome than the last because only the best of the best gets featured on link roundups. But in a regular blog post, you could get a lot of traffic because your link is the only one featured on the article.

And if the article is amazing, more people would want to read any link featured on that amazing article because they would expect it to be equally amazing.

To get other bloggers feature your posts:

  • First thing, always write an amazing article.
  • Have a list of bloggers you really like and be sure they link to others from their blog.
  • Try to get these bloggers notice your articles and your activities. If they can relate to your posts and enjoy it, they will definitely want to share it with other people and their fellow bloggers.
  • Feature their articles on your posts and create awareness. They would know you have linked their articles on your own blog.
  • Sit back and watch the magic happen as traffic streams into your blog!

Here are some blogging and marketing blogs that do link roundups: