15 Link Building and Outreach Strategies WORK in 2019

Obviously, there are numerous opportunities for your website, and here are some of the essential ones.

In this post, I’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • Every link acquisition strategy that will effectively drive more organic traffic to your website
  • What the links look like and how to discover them
  • How to get that particular link secured for your site.

Here we go:


Link Round-Up

Link roundups are often regarded as curated blogs that connect to their favourite contents within a specific duration. In this method, you’re required to discover these opportunities and forward email pitches to each of them. In this pitch, you’ll suggest and encourage them to link to your content that would be published in the next update. The success of this strategy lies in the quality of the contents you are submitting.

What does a “link roundup” look like?

Check out these titles:

  • “Top SEO Posts of the Week”
  • “Best of Internet Marketing: Monthly Blog Roundup”
  • “Top Couponing Tips of the Month”

Here is an example from WordStream:

How to find opportunities for “Link Roundup.”

Here are some of the methods to get opportunities for Link Roundups:

  1. You can make use of search engine operators such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, and Duck Duck Go.
  2. You can also search for them on social media platforms like Twitter with the keywords and #hashtag.

How to Secure the Link?

After you have been able to identify the opportunities, the next thing is to find a way to get in touch with the person either through a form or electronic mails. Then, you can now forward outreach emails to them.

Also, you can include a pitch for inclusion.


Resource Pages

A resource page refers to a page that links out the essential contents for the audience. While this may be similar to roundup, there are few key differences.

  • A link Roundup only takes place at regular intervals and only features contents that are published recently.
  • A resource is undeniably evergreen, and it only links out to evergreen contents with a one-time update.

Hence, there are significant differences in the pitch:

  • The pitch of a link roundup takes place before the creation of the post by a blogger, and it requests for a link in the upcoming post.
  • A resource link only takes place whenever the blogger has published the content, and you would be required to include your own content to their page.

Generally, resource pitches have recorded a lower success rate. This is because you’ll be requesting an update of content from someone and roundup will provide the link while they’re actively asking for it.

What does a “resource page” opportunity look like?

Here is a typical example of from Unbounce:

There are some more instances:

  • An attorney might create a resource page which would only feature necessary forms, government documentation and all won’t feature on the main site.
  • A digital agency might link out their often utilized tools, industry data, and insights and they won’t feature on the main website.

How to Discover Resource Page Opportunities

With search engine operators such as Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and Bing, you can find a unique resource page opportunities.

Incredibly, it is highly essential that you find opportunities that are relevant. Otherwise, a pitch will ultimately cost you a whole lot of wasted time and efforts. Here is a typical example of where there is a resource page showing “free online resources for learning SEO.”

Obviously, if you cannot provide a “free online resource for learning SEO,” do not waste your time and effort pitching for inclusion. Of course, it doesn’t stop you from creating something to pitch. You are only advised to get multiple resource opportunities to pitch to.

How do I Secure the Link?

After you have been able to identify an opportunity, then, ensure that you contact the person either through email, social media or form. Preferably, email is better and very useful.

Generally, pitching of resource pages has a low success rate, and this is because you’re requesting something from someone and it’s usually like a pain in the ass (the stress of going back to the old content and adding a link).

So, endeavour to provide them with a good incentive to take action and with a strong value proposition. You can also:

  • Offer to share the piece on social media platforms, emails, and search engines. Promise them you’ll drive real and organic visitors to their sites.
  • Inform them about your updated pieces of content
  • Fix a broken link…. Oh wait, I jumped the gun


Building a Broken Link

You won’t want to direct your visitors to page or website that isn’t in existence at all. Indeed, it’s a bad idea for the user’s experience.

Broken Link Building is regarded as the process in which relevant websites that are linked out to dead pages are discovered. Then, you need to let them know about this and offer them a new link to substitute for the dead one.

What does a “broken Link Building” opportunity look like?

In your quest to discover dead links on a particular page, a tool is required. Whenever you intend to go on page-by-page, you can use “check my link” browser plugin.

How do I Find “broken link building” opportunities?

There are a countless number of ways to discover broken links. Here is a way that is tested and trusted, so we’ll discuss the process around it:

  • The VAs have been equipped with adequate knowledge of performing link prospecting. A list of resource pages that are relevant to the target website is built already. (You can make use of similar search operators as in the case of the resource pages)
  • They’ll manually go through each of the pages in search for broken links
  • Once any broken link is found on the page, a pitch would be sent immediately to notify them. If there are no broken links at all, it would be pitched as a resource page.

Essentially, broken link building is performed as a subset of pitching resource pages. With this, there isn’t any issue relating to time wasting. Therefore, the maximum number of emails are sent.

How do I secure the link?

Broken Link Building has been proven to have a very high success rate (Even 5x better when compared with resource pages). This is because you are fixing someone’s problem. It is also good to distribute an email pitch showing to them where they can find the link as well as a pitch for replacement.

Also, it is highly essential to note that your links should have space on the spot in substituting for the dead link you’re pitching. Otherwise, you’ll achieve a low success rate.


Guest Posting

With Guest Posting, you can build a very successful agency. The fact cannot be denied that guest posting is the most effective method of securing links for your website. Aside from the fact that it is one of the benefits of SEO, you can also get a significant amount of organic traffic, brand exposure, and a strong relationship with key influencers in the industry.

Be that as it may, you will be required to post great content on a consistent basis.

What does a Guest Post” look like?

In some cases, the hosting website will be in the position to call out guest authors, but in most cases, a guest post isn’t always similar when compared with a standard blog update.

Within, you can link to contents based on your choice.

This post alone has helped a lot when it comes to pushing up competitive keywords for rankings. Apart from that, it can also drive significant organic traffic to your site.

How do I find “guest post” opportunities?

  • You can make good use of search engine operators such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go.

  • Guest Post opportunities can also be found through pitching relevant and authority blogs or website.

However, if this is just your first time learning about guest blogging, you can stick to using search engine operators alone. With this, you’ll be able to search for sites that actively accepts your contents.

Once you have been able to rise and built a track record, you can then proceed to pitch anyone you want. Generally, you can search for large authority websites with active audiences.

How do I Secure the Link?

After you have successfully identified an opportunity, the next is to get in touch with the person through emails or social media platforms.

In addition, ensure that you forward the link to a few of your outstanding posts. It will help you build credibility.


Sponsored Posts

Undoubtedly, this strategy is considered a grey hat tactic. Basically, you need to search for websites that accept and promotes advertisers and then, you send a pitch to them on a “native” buy. Instead of revealing your interest in purchasing awful banner ads, you can forward a pitch to them requesting them to sponsor your posts.

What does a “sponsored post” look like?

Plan an effective negotiation with the publisher to create and establish an essential piece of content that perfectly fits in with the rest of the website. In your consultation, ensure that you communicate well enough. So, you won’t pay for any post tagged as “sponsored” or paid placement.

If they do not know about it at all, then I foresee that Google with evaluate these tags and diminish its impact on link placements.

How do I find “sponsored post” opportunities?

You can make good use of search engine operators such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go.

Search engine operators have been proven effective when it comes to targeting niche websites that accept advertisers.

How do I Secure the Link?

You can do this with a simple email trick stating that you’re looking forward to purchasing space on their site. Take adequate precautions and ensure that you’re not searching for email blasts or banners, but only native placements.


Regaining Lost Links (Link Reclamation)

Over time, many websites will lose links. While this is expected to occur naturally, you can track down lost links and the webmasters would replace them

What does a “Link Reclamation” Opportunity Look like?

Link reclamation would occur whenever a website is previously linked to your website and suddenly got the links removed. This could be due to many reasons:

  • The URL on their site was changed
  • Their website is down or migrated
  • They flat out to remove your link

However, it is highly essential that you find out and understand the reasons why your link is no longer live. Then, you can reach out for opportunities.

How do find “Link Reclamation” opportunities

Tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic Moz are excellent when it comes to crawling the links of your website.

All you need to do is to enter your domain and navigate to “lost” links. Inspect and evaluate to determine whether it is an excellent opportunity for reaching out.

How do I secure the link?

This is where you will be required to reach out to the website that removed your link.


Claiming Unlinked Mentions

Once you are excellent at creating unique contents, engaging your audience on social media platforms, and investing in public relations, your website will get mentioned. The time taken for the mentioning a page on your site doesn’t matter. There isn’t anything personal. Most times, it might be as result of the absence of URL.

Your job here is to monitor these ‘branded” mentions and reach out to them through an email pitch requesting for their attribution.

What does an “Unlinked Mention” look like?

This refers to the website that mentions the name of your brand, your name or website without including links to your site.

How do I Find “Unlinked Mentions” opportunities?

Practically, trying to find this manually seems to be like a nightmare. This is why a tool is needed. Here are some of the tools to help you find “unlinked mentions” opportunities.

  1. IFTTT: The technical team at Seer interactive wrote a comprehensive guide on the usage of IFTTT recipes. Here is a screenshot showcasing the track mentions:
  1. Google Alerts: This refers to a completely free tool that you gives you the opportunity to set emails whenever some certain keywords are mentioned. For instance, if “your name” or “your brand” is tracked, you’ll receive an email of the particular site that mentioned them.
  2. Mention: A Mention is a potent tool that provides you with the opportunity to monitor the activities quickly. More so, you can control the web presence of websites of multiple peoples, websites, products, and businesses. If you think twice to do this for a client, Mention is undeniably worth the price.

How do I secure the link?

This is very similar when compared with link reclamation. Just follow the necessary steps of link reclamation, and you are good to go.


The Synonym Method

For instance, you are looking up to building quality links for an immigration attorney’s website based in Miami. You are required to target the domain of the sites that:

  • Geographically relevant to Miami


  • Domains talking about law or legal matters

In reality, it is a difficult task to send random emails to legitimate websites to get any traction. But, the solution lies in you approaching them in the right way.

  1. Make researches on the list of sites that are relevant regarding the topics discussed. Ensure you find only the ones that are not in any way competing with you. If you are an attorney to immigration, find websites about criminal defense, corporate attorneys, DUI law and many more.
  2. Direct them an email requesting to write for them or do an exchange of guest posting.

This method works effectively especially in competitive spaces such as legal, insurance and real estate.

What does a “Synonym” look like?

Synonym as a strategy for link building and it simply means that any website that operates within the same niche but not directly competing with you.

For instance:

  • If you run an SEO agency, your research should be tailored towards other digital service websites that do not offer SEO
  • If you run a real estate agency based in Miami, tailor your research towards real estate sites in a different state or city that does not compete with you.

And many more like that…….

How do I find “Synonym” Opportunities?   

One of the link prospecting tool when finding “synonym” opportunities is using search operators such as Twitter to locate websites on specific topics.

Of course, you should also be careful about what exactly you do not need to find.

How do I Secure the Link?

The success rate of pitch sending is based on the pitch and the sender itself. If you are engaging in outreach for an attorney-client, you can’t fire off emails from joe@rankyoursitefirst.com. The first thing to do is to seek the consent of your client and obtain permission before you can pitch on his behalf. This has been proven effective in increasing your success rate by 60%.

If you go through the guest post exchange route, “No Follow” is best to link to their site. This helps to keep a smaller footprint and maximize the power of inbound links.


Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting shouldn’t be considered as spam. Oh No!

Obviously, they form a part of growth hacking technique and are very active when it comes to driving traffics to new websites as well as promoting contents that are newly published.

Whenever you are promoting contents with no sales page, blog commenting works better. With blog commenting, you’ll be able to come up with a natural link to build an audience (See Matt Cutts Video on blog commenting).

What does a “blog comment” look like?

Any website that publishes content that is just as relevant as yours is referred to as an opportunity. Editors always reject spammy contents and contents that has no value and a link to random websites. The only method of getting your comments accepted is to write a well thought out, and value-adding comments.  Then, you can include a link to a related piece of content that is in-line with your comment.

Below is an instance from a comment found on Neil Patel’s site.

How do I find “blog comment” opportunities?

There are numerous search operators used in finding opportunities. 

How do I secure the link?

In this case, there is no outreach required whatsoever. Here is how to find the link:

  • Write a response of about 100-150 words to the article.
  • Then, include a link of relevant content that supports your comment.

Rinse and repeat.


Forum Commenting

Forum commenting are used for two fundamental reasons:

  • Pillowing links for brand new websites.
  • To promote contents and drive organic traffics.

However, aside from decent link opportunities, forums are also useful in driving boatloads of traffic. Then, its left to you to find, join and engage in relevant forums.

What does a “forum comment” opportunity look like?

In finding forums that are related to the site you are promoting, you are required to search for related threads to the content ready for promotion.

After that, you are then required to compose a short response and include a link to your chosen content. In addition, you can also drive considerable traffic from your signature.

How do I find “forum comment” opportunities?

There are hundreds of search operators you can use to find opportunities.

How do I secure the link?

There is no pitch required here. Simply leave a well-composed comment with links to your content on relevant threads.


Landing Press Links

Here is a hack that has been used to get featured on HuffPo, Thought Catalog, Forbes, Inc and many more for just less than $150.

In most publications, there are two kinds of writers:

  • Staff (writer and editors)
  • Contributors (freelancers writing for free)

It’s left to you to find the contributors and ensure that you send them an outreach email. Apart from that, you need to offer them some money as payment for coverage.

Yes, this tactics is against ethics, but….. It works.

What does a “press” opportunities look like?

It implies any website that deems a significant publication, relevant to your niche, which has freelance writers who are contributors and are writing for them.

How do I find “press release opportunities?

Here is a simple process that really works well for “press” opportunities:

  • Give the link for targeting publications as well as keywords to your link prospectors
  • They’ll make further research on those publications looking for articles with specific keywords.
  • If peradventure, the article was written by a Non-staff member, they’ll proceed with their contact information and conduct outreach.

Then, the rest is a matter of sending a pitch.

How do I secure the link?

A whole lot of people would read this and conclude that it’s unethical, but it’s not a matter of concern. The goal is to achieve a successful result

However, this is the only pitch I’ll be discussing in this post. This is because it’s just too valuable and it would help you conserve thousands of dollars on a “PR” firm. You can sign up for a free trial course and grab it.


Local Blogger Outreach (Local SEO)

You’d find millions of bloggers waiting for you only if you could draw a 5-mile radius right from where you are sitting. It’s left to you to find and pitch them, convincing them to feature your site.

What does a “local blogger” opportunity look like?

Typically, many of the local bloggers will cover topics relating to fashion, travel, tech and other highly viral issues. Its left to you to find and build a connection between their site and yours.

For instance, as we have discussed earlier in “Miami immigration attorney” website. Local travel bloggers were targeted because of the skyrocketing level crosswalk between travel and immigration.

However, it’s a drop of a stretch, but if they are Miami based travel bloggers, they’ll also crosswalk on geo-relevancy as well.

How do I find “UPDATE” opportunities?

You can uncover “UPDATE” opportunities with tons of search engine operators.

You can also check social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because there are many opportunities, but most of them aren’t indexed in search engines.

 How do I secure the link?

You can proceed further to send 1 or 2 pitches:

  • Pitching a piece of content on your site for them to cover (low success rate)
  • Flat out and offer them some bucks to write a post (High success rate)

Research studies have proven that 9 out of 10 bloggers aren’t making money. When you offer them some bucks, they’ll be happy to work for you.


Pillowing (Video Links, Directory links, and Professional Organization)

Apparently, you need to show your new website some love before introducing any contextual links. These first links alternatively known as pillowing links are incredibly crucial in building a natural link profile.

There are three major divisions of pillowing:

  • Video Links
  • Directory links
  • Professional Organizations

Now let’s discuss just one of them as an instance. And that’s Professional Organization Pillowing

No matter what your business does, there are several other organizations dedicated to that same thing. These organizations are great ways to pad your site with trust and authority. At this point, you have to find them.

What does a “Professional Organization” look like?

Essentially, it comes with a profile page dedicated on a website talking about your industry.

Here is a screenshot from SEMPO profile.

How do I find “professional organization” link opportunities?

In this case, you can also make use of search operators to find them.

How do I secure the link?

It’s effortless and straightforward. Follow the instructions to join


Conference and Event Links

Apparently, this kind of link takes a whole lot of time and efforts to accomplish. Here are some of the tasks ahead of you:

  • You need to host or attend events
  • Host a Meetup
  • Speak at a conference or event

Yeah…. It requires a lot of efforts. But honestly, people and relationship matter a lot in offline businesses. Grow your business by getting your community involved. It works

What does a “conference and event” link look like?

Whenever you sign up to be the guest speak at an event, you’ll get links to form numerous places which include:

  • The host’s website.
  • Potential buyers that are interested in pushing it on their blog.
  • Bloggers present at the event and also writes about the event.

How do I find “conference and event” opportunities?

VA teams can be utilized in finding events and conference with search engine operators.

How do I secure the link?

  • If you are the host of the event, create a link easily on Meetup
  • If you are looking for avenues and events to speak, you’ll be required to apply for an opening.


Pitching Infographics

Infographics help to aggregate data into image form. Unlike written text context, they are valuable because you can re-use them over and over again without facing any penalty overduplication.

Infographics can be utilized in two significant ways:

  • Submit them to infographics aggregation websites. This is another effective way of building “pillowing” links for new sites.
  • Pitch an infographic as a guest post.

Both methods are highly scalable as there isn’t any need to write tons of fresh contents to secure your link.

How do I find “UPDATE” opportunities?

If you are making use of infographics as pillowing links, use search engine operators to find sites that allow submission of infographics.

Also, use search engine operators to locate websites that have infographics as their blog post. There is no submission required, but you’ll record a huge success. It is true that not everyone takes advantage of infographics specifically in the digital world. So, you just need to target websites that have posted them in the past.

With this, they’ll be interested in that form of content, and they’ll accept your pitch.

How do I secure the link?

For pillowing, you’ll secure the link by following the right instruction for submission. In order to submit as a guest post, you’ll need to direct an outreach email to the right person.