The Science of Link Building

This brief overview of the science of link building is great for those looking for a company to do your link building.


The Buying Links Issue

Most link building agencies are only focused on making a sell when you are paying for links.

Here’s the thing: the links appear to work on the surface, but they are lacking in legitimacy.

So, you may buy links that work — but only for a while, and here’s why:

You are sold links with manipulated high DA, so your ratings will increase for a while until Google’s algorithm catches up with you

And just when you think the agency’s work is done and you no longer need the company’s services, you happily part ways and enjoy months of increased ratings. And then it hits you: Google’s algorithm penalizes you after a few months have gone by (or when the next update occurs).

What makes us different from these guys is our experience in dealing with link building. Most people don’t invest time into really understanding the art of link building, so they buy links from low-quality agencies and end up getting low-quality links. However, the clients looking for links are not alone in being the blame for this.


Why Would Anyone Link to You?

Unfortunately, people think of links like an asset. For example, one may say, “10 links a month should get us through, Max. Let’s get some guest post up and running!”

Just keep in mind this method only has short-term results. To become a big player in the e-commerce world, you’re going to have to provide your readers with relevant and valuable content.

Do you have anything on your website worth people linking to?

If you do, then you have what is called a linkable asset. Other examples of link-worthy content will be provided later.

Once you establish link-worthy content on your site, you are good to go (because you only really need one link to start you on your way to success).

It’s a simple as that


Why Would People Link to Things

Reasons, why people link to things, can be summed up like this:

  1. It’s Authoritative
  2. It’s Controversial
  3. It’s Fresh
  4. It’s Fun
  5. It’s Innovative
  6. It’s Useful

Below are scenarios that will address each reason.


It’s Authoritative

What you say will stand out from among the rest if you have established authority in the niche.

For example, if you had to choose between chef Bobby Flay’s omelette and my omelette, who would you choose? Since most people know that Bobby is a famous chef, that makes him a known authority figure on cooking. So, you would most likely want to use his recipe and link to it also.

Think about how you use expert opinions from authority figures when you need support for your point. You will select from published research, studies and surveys to emphasize your point

It’s time to ask yourself, “How can I become a notable authority in my chosen niche?


It’s Controversial

People gravitate to controversy—things that go outside the box of the norm. So, if you are planning to make a large impact, why not try making a statement that goes against the norms of society?

Remember, you are not a winning lottery ticket. Controversy may make you an unpopular guy.

For example, I ran into MOZ founder Rand Fishkin at a 2018 conference held in Madrid.

Fishkin was one of the keynote speakers, and he gave us a story about his wife, Geraldine.

Geraldine has one of the coolest blogs out there. One blog she wrote was a response to chef Mario Batali’s apology. The title went like this:

“I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter”

Just look it up and check it out for yourself. It’s insanely on point

Here are some quotes to get you a taste of it:

  • I’m punching down the dough because, according to Twitter, I hate men.
  • I was right about the texture – the dough is too tough. I hate them, but I keep eating them. Like I’m somehow destroying Batali’s shitty sexist Horcrux in every bite.

Harsh, right? Definitely…

You’ve got to hand it to her because the linking stats she has are insane:

215 (wow) links from Anews, Geekwire, The Daily Beast, Politico, New York Times…

And that’s not all

This blog post attracted mad attention to Geraldine. She even got invited to TV shows because people saw her controversial post as a positive response.

This is what happens when you brainstorm an on-time controversial post. You blow up and become an instant sensation. It could be sheer luck that she got all this attention, but we know that’s not the case — at least not all by itself.


It’s Fresh

Some stuff is just getting stale — even on the internet!

So, a lot of stuff out there people are linking to doesn’t have much relevance in today’s world.

So, it begs the question:

  1. Can you recycle the content and give it a new face with more details?
  2. Can you do a new take on the piece altogether?
  3. Can you provide an update on recent discoveries?


Example from One of Our Recent Clients

Want a heavy page on copyright information? Well, we did just that and even covered related topics on the subject while promoting a page on the topic.

One thing we made a point to mention was that many of the copyright guides out there were a bit outdated compared to the information we were providing…

So, we reached out and asked the websites with the outdated guides to link to ours since it had current information their guides did not have.

Let me ask you this: are you willing to create a guide that you will commit to upkeeping? Are you willing to update your statistics and examples that are highly relevant to your niche?

The following industries thrive well with current content:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Law
  • Travelling


It’s Fun

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine, and people will link to it to get their fill of it.

This may be a good place to start, but you’re going to need more than a good laugh. So, it’s recommended you couple that dose of fun with other key things that make people link.

Maybe an authoritative approach or useful material will catch their eyes?

Can you be humorous while introducing a novel idea? You get what I mean…

Appealing to emotions can help foster a higher ROI—as was the case with Geraldine.

Got some doses of fun in that bag of ideas? Put them to work!


It’s Innovative

It doesn’t get any simpler than this one.

If you have an invention or creation, it will acquire links.

This doesn’t mean go out and formulate your own Cryptocurrency or create your own stock exchange system.

Go with what works…

How about researching something that has been successful in one industry and applying it to a field in which it has never been used. Maybe the creator of the wheeled suitcase was researching the wheelbarrow when the idea of putting wheels on luggage came to mind.

Who knows? But you get the picture of how that works when you read  “The Story Of The Wheelie Suitcase And The Importance Of Implementing Innovation”.

Author Nassim Taleb makes a monumental point when he says, “It struck me how lacking in imagination we are: we had been putting our suitcases on top of a cart with wheels, but nobody thought of putting tiny wheels directly under the suitcase”.

You could be the next one to put the wheels on the suitcase…

It’s Useful

Relevant information always gets links because it’s something people can use

If you have an invention or creation, it will acquire links.

Here are some examples of useful information:

    • A Beginner’s Manual or a 101 Guide
    • An Advanced Manual or Expert Guide
    • A “How-to” Article with Cool Tips

Check this example out of useful links:

We had this one client that wanted to go to Iran. So, we’re thinking, “What about a travel guide for Iran?” Using the resource page link building method, we got some nice white hat links for that travel guide.

The guide is still ranking high on Google—on the first page to be exact—and it’s still catching a lot of traffic.

What does this tell us?

        • People (including future customers) gain awareness of your
          brand by finding the guide. (1st touch point out of 5-9 before
          landing the sale)
        • Hotel or resort accommodations will get booked using the link.
        • Those who don’t book there will do so later after seeing the
          information on Facebook and the Google Display Network

You can also use an email subscription to send the PDF to people’s inboxes. Then you follow up—well, you pretty much know the rest.


Final Words

We think of link building as something far greater than just creating links.

It’s the rainbow that gives you access to the residual pot of gold that comes from a successful ROI.

Oh, and by the way, you get some butt-kicking links too.

Daphne W.

We were fortunate enough to have Max (Akita Digtal) as a business parnter. I have never come across a more focused or hard working man. I have seen proof of his incredible and high level of developed skills for business online. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough, both as a man of high integrity and a skilled professional.

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